Monday, 19 November 2018

Sash Balances, Sash Spring, Spiral Balances.

Thought I would just stick up a post about Sash Balances, as most people repairing sashes with spiral balances/pre-tensioned balances come across the run of the mill balance feet but we can help out on the many you may not have come across.

In true Blue Peter style. . .  here's some I did earlier!

These are an uncommon fitting, attached to standard D Type Balances, in order for a repair to be carried out on sashes that are still in good, usable order but just need replacement balances to go on for another decade, or so.
This type of sash would be 25 to 35 years old and we do fitting for ones that are a lot older than that.

These are just some options - if you find you are stuck for a particular type of fitting, give us a call on 0116 2742195.
Sash Balance Fittings

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Crittall Handle and Prize Winner

We have been really busy over the last 8 or nine weeks, so time to put up another post!

First off is a Crittall Handle, made by Caldwell Hardware, which is a concealed fix.

An unusual choice for Crittall - an aluminium handle on a steel window.
They are all now of an age and are starting to fail on a fairly regular basis, so the task in hand is to come up with a replacement that will do the job and fit straight on!
Not an easy one, so watch this space!

The second thing is to update you on the Bushed Bones competition.

The custom made bed was won by Jess Cartwright's puppy, Willow!
Congratulations to Jess and Willow.

Monday, 13 August 2018

A joining together, so to speak.

I have been running the Cavendish blog for a couple of years and get traffic coming to see what Cavendish is all about but I also run an independent blog, which I started over seven years ago, it details more about things that have been  made - Metal Window Parts.
Metal Window Parts is more about look what can be done and my take on solutions to fenestration problems - I could put Window problems but google tends to think you mean Windows XP, 7, 10 etc!

So, I am going to introduce Cavendish readers to Metal Window Parts and vice versa.
Along with that, throw my brother's new venture into the mix - sort of keeping it in the family.

Nigel has many skills to draw on, being a prototype engineer and 3D CAD wizard - making things is what he does. He also has a great love of dogs, which goes back to when we grew up on a farm, with Bessie and Misty being our first dogs, back in the 60s.
So, this is a first for either blog - some pictures of dogs!

Bushed Bones Beds For Dogs

To celebrate their launch, there is a chance to win a bespoke bed, for your faithful friend and if you don't have a dog, you must know someone who does!
The competition runs to the end of August, so click on the link below and scroll down to the competition details.
Bushed Bones Competition Link

The best of luck to those that enter! : )

Anyway, back to the plot!

If you have only ever visited the Cavendish Blog, click here on this link, to take you to Metal Window Parts. Metal Window Parts Blog

If you would like to call Cavendish Hardware, we are on 0116 2742195 or if you would prefer to email an enquiry, you can reach us here.

If you would like to call Nigel or Sam at Bushed Bones, you can reach them on 01509 278178.

Right, I'm off to start getting some of these made. . . . .

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Brass Handle Replica

Another interesting project - customer sent us this handle and wanted replicas making.

So, a new replica backplate was made and mated onto a current, available handle - which is still made after all these years and is a cousin of the one that is shown.

Really pleased with the way these have turned out.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Caldwell Folding Openers

Just to let you know, we have now increased our stock levels of Caldwell Folding Openers, to compliment our range of Caldwell Sash Balances.
The part numbers on the images relate to our internal system - Caldwell part numbers are shown on a Matrix, which detail a range including 110, 111, 112 - through to 187, 190 and 191.

With a huge range of variations, these are suitable for Aluminium, PVC and Timber frames and with link bars and accessories available, there are very few situations where a Caldwell Folding Opener cannot be fitted.

If you would like a PDF copy of the above Matrix, please click here : Cavendish Folding Opener Matrix or give us a call on 0116 2742195 or drop us a line on

Caldwell Hardware Folding Openers

This was a post that was put up, January last year and relates to the post detailed above.

Do you have any Folding Openers, for windows?

That is a question, often asked!

Lots of them and the link bars and the rings and the packers and the poles, in fact, we have pretty much everything!

There are Folding Openers for frames in Aluminium, Timber, Steel and uPVC.

There are Ring Over, Ring Under, Small Step, Large Step, Packers, Link Bars, Rings, the combinations available, mean that pretty much everything can be accommodated for.

They open the light to a fixed distance, they double up as a restrictor and then lock off firmly, in the closed position - what more could you want?

If you are looking for folding openers - Give us a call on 0116 2742195 - or if you prefer, you could ping us an email to or if you are feeling nostalgic, why not send it to us on a fax 0116 2461545.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Corner Hinges, Glasgow School of Art and a sad tale.

I was over the moon when I got a commission to make corner hinges, to be fitted onto new windows at the Glasgow School of Art.
Three reasons, it was a nice job to do, I would have gone up to visit site when completed and the fact that I am an admirer of what Charles Rennie Mackintosh gave to us.
Anyone who has seen our logo, may not have realised that that design of it, is Mackintosh inspired, so now you can see the connection and what I was so excited about in doing the job.

We were literally days away from getting them finished, ready to assemble and this happened!

 These parts you can see, we destined to be fitted onto new frames, ready to be fitted into the openings.

 Such a sad loss to the world and the people of Glasgow and Scotland.