Thursday, 8 December 2016

Cavendish Hardware - IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!

In the words of the great Noddy Holder!!!

Well, another year has almost gone by!
We have had lots of visitors to our little blog, so if you are reading this - Hi! : )

As a bit of festive fun, I thought I would start off with "December", off a calender we produced, some years back - customers still talk about it even now!

It was sent out to repair contractors - window repair companies, etc - and all of the events are true, from my own experience.
When we had the repair company, we had 27 years of experience to draw on and in reality, I could do loads more - all true!

This one relates to a call out situation, where there had been some sort of accident on a local authority building and a small pane of glass had been broken - and I mean small!
The person on call for that building made a call on Christmas eve, late evening. . . . well, you read the caption, you'll see what I mean!!

I'll do the others as the months roll by.

They were done by a very good friend of mine, who just seems to have a natural talent for this sort of thing.

So, Happy Christmas to all out there - see you in the new year.