Friday, 23 March 2018

Catch for Sliding Window

These are generically known as Fitch Catches and we do many different types - we also remake some of the obsolete ones.

These are used on sliding windows - either Vertical Sliding Sashes (VSS) that slide up and down or or on Horizontal Sliding Sashes (HSS) that slide horizontally.
We have just made another batch of these.

These are the cams, ready for assembly.

These are the assembled catches.
If you are looking for catches that work on sliding windows, please give us a call on 0116 2742195 or drop us an email on

Monday, 5 March 2018

Roller Shutter Brush Guide Seal.

During the pre Christmas clean up, I came across some old artwork.

These were drawn up by the same guy that did our calendars and show a product that we developed to stops draughts and rattles on Roller Shutters.
There are several out there now but we were the very first ones to do it and the photos below show the pre-production items, that were fitted onto our own Roller Shutter and still going strong, well over 20 years later.

 This close up shot, shows how the brush fits neatly into the depressions of the shutter lath, particularly where the lath joins together.
To get the right gauge of brush filament, the right length and the correct angle, to many attempts but the final result made the effort worth it.
Our shutter is never going to be the most energy efficient way of filling an opening but with the Guide Seal, it is certainly a lot less draughty and a lot quieter when windy, as the pressure of the brush helps prevent the curtain from rattling in the guides.

We still have stocks of Guide Seal and based on our experience, we know that it is effective  in reducing rattles and draughts.

It comes in 3m lengths, can be cut and butt jointed and simply pushes on to the edge of the guide.
Can be cut around most pin locks, with the only modification to an existing shutter, being to slightly extend the bottom rail cut-backs. On a new installation, the extended cut-back can be specified during manufacture.
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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Budget Lock Keeps.

Just made some of these in Stainless Steel - Keeps for budget locks.

Small but perfectly formed!!