Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Brass Corner Hinges for Metal Windows

For many years, this hinge and it's slightly larger brother, were made for bottom hung steel windows.

Production ceased a long time ago and all that was remaining, was old stocks.
Once they were all gone, the cupboard was bare.

So, some years back, we made some for a refurb project.
With all of those now gone and having received a recent order for another refurb, we have run another batch.

Machined parts, ready for assembly:

Assembled LH and RH:

Completed hinges:

If you are looking for these items or anything similar, please give us a call on 0116 2742195.
Thank you.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

May the 4th be with you!

It's an old gag, but still makes me chuckle!!

May is here and this is the sketch for May!!


It can't be that difficult!
How many times have I heard that.

If you are a saddler, making a saddle is what you do all day, so the difficulty becomes less and less as time goes by.
Same applies to surgeons, acrobats, any skill at all.

This case was a householder whose insurance company wanted him to beef up his security and fit locks to his Crittall/Steel Windows.

Well, after having a go and giving up, this was pretty much the sight that met us!
Broken glass, several half attempted holes, kit everywhere and a bandage to stem the bleeding!

We had the obligatory "it looks quite easy when you were doing it" but then again, it is when you have got the skills and you apply them regularly . . . . .