Friday, 31 March 2017

Sash Window Catches

I thought I would just pop this in to the blog, to show the first of many things that we make, when items become unavailable.

There are three items on this image that we make as replicas.
This is because the original parts are no longer available.

The keep is for a Monarch Sash window.
The catch below it, was most commonly used on Kawneer sash windows.
Bottom right is a Cego made catch, that had been made for around 40 years.
The catch above that is a Schlegel Cresent Catch, which are now obsolete.

So, that may be the next one to be done.

Next time I will show some replica hinges.

Friday, 3 March 2017

March madness!

Seems like the year is flying by! March is here.

This is another true story.

Went to fix a VSS and there was some evidence that someone had been there before, although the gentleman of the house denied any knowledge of that.

The lady of the house, on returning from shopping, walked into the living room and exclaimed "at last, you have got someone in to sort that out, I told you that all that fiddling around with it was no good"

A very embarrassed husband wandered off into the kitchen!!!